Company Documents

The content is in the order below.

  • Government documents
  • Legal (court cases)
  • Company-issued documents

Government documents (click to expand)

Report of the Indian Cinematographic Committee 1927-1928 (Government of India)
J J Madan was interviewed extensively for this report

J F Madan’s OBE certificate

Jamshedji Framjee Madan - OBE
Jamshedji Framji Madan OBE certificate. Image courtesy: Cyrus Madan. All Rights Reserved.

Legal (court cases)

Sreelal Mangtulal vs J.F. Madan on 20 June, 1924
Madan Theatres Ltd vs Ramkissen Kappor on 08 December, 1941

Company-issued documents (click to view)


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